About us

The team behind EquiSolute

EquiSolute is developed by a professional team of specialized horse veterinarians, nutritional experts and top equestrians. After years of research and development, they created this all-in-one nutritional supplement, that contains everything that is necessary to provide in the daily needs for every horse.

Quality first

EquiSolute strives to achieve the best and most balanced composition possible, and only uses high quality ingredients. The supplements are produced in a laboratory in Europe. The quality of the product is continuously guarded by a team of health and nutritional experts.


Thanks to its first-rate composition and user-friendliness, EquiSolute is the ultimate product for every horse lover. EquiSolute is available in 68 countries. Worldwide, more than 70,000 horses take advantage of the natural effect of EquiSolute. That number continues to grow.

Total Care

Prevents and resolves
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Other Joint problems
  • Inflammations


Prevents and resolves
  • Unique effective dog formula
  • Cures and prevents joint problems
  • Outstanding support of the immune system
  • For dogs of every age

Get the best out of your horse with EquiSolute!

Fast & powerful effect