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It all started years ago with EquiSolute Total Care, the first All-in-one supplement for horses with a strong anti-inflammatory effect and incredible effects on joints and joint pains.

After the tremendous success for horses with our Total Care product and the many questions for the same product, but for dogs instead, DogSolute was the answer. 

After that, the number of products kept growing and meanwhile there are products specially developed for young horses and skin disorders for as well as horses as dogs.

We care about your horse(s) and dog(s) and strive to get and keep them healthy!

The team behind EquiSolute

All our products are developed by a professional team of specialized horse and dog veterinarians, nutritional experts, top equestrians and dog breeders. After years of research and development, these wonderful and natural products has been created, that contains everything that is necessary to provide in the daily needs for every horse and dog and helps resolve many problems.

Quality first

EquiSolute strives to achieve the best and most balanced composition possible, and only uses high quality ingredients. The supplements are produced in a laboratory in Europe. The quality of the product is continuously guarded by a team of health and nutritional experts.


Thanks to its first-rate composition and user-friendliness, EquiSolute is the ultimate product for every horse and dog lover. EquiSolute is available in 68 countries. Worldwide, more than 165,000 horses and dogs take advantage of the natural effect of EquiSolute. That number continues to grow.

Horse Products

Total Care

Total Care

Prevents and resolves

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Other joint problems
  • Inflammations
  • Tendon injuries
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Horses from 6 months till three years 

  • Healthy development and growth
  • Will delay osteoarthritis progression
  • Good and even development of muscles
  • Prevents and cures inflammation
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Visible Care

Visible Care

Effective fungal, eczema thrush 

  • Direct effect on fungal infections
  • Direct effect on (summer) eczema
  • Direct effect on thrush
  • Itch relief caused by skin irritations
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Dog Products

Dog Supplement

Dog Supplement

Every dog, every age, every day

  • Unique effective dog formula
  • Cures and prevents joint problems
  • Support the immune system
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Might Shampoo

Might Shampoo

2 washes every week

  • Skin problems
  • Fungual infections
  • Unpleasant body odor
  • Preventing and eliminating fleas
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